Sunday, 7 July 2013

Merry Happy

So this weekend has been the nicest I've had for ages, I wasn't working and was free to spend my days hanging out with my two best pals in the sunshine. On Friday we decided to get dressed up, put on the heels and head out to consume lots of wine, which of course was a success.
Megan and I stayed at Laura's lovely new flat and the fun continued on Saturday, Meg abandoned us but Laura and I went to Kensington Gardens and lazed around in the sun and ate lots of strawberries and then I went to see my friend Sarah's exhibition which is currently on show at the OXO tower - very proud of her!
Then, to top it all off, Andy Murray went and won Wimbledon! Such an amazing match that had me on the end of my seat and crying! So proud, I have been watching him play for years and was quite in love with him at one point (oh dear.)

My dress was an absolute bargain from Primark!
You can't really see the outfit in these pictures but I wore my new orange cami which I LOVE, which Topshop tailored trousers, Urban Outfitters flatforms and a Topshop necklace.
I also went to Dalston House this week, if you haven't been definitely check it out - you get to roll around on the floor under a big old mirror and pretend you are hanging off the roof of a house - endless fun.

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