Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Nearly The End

In June I will be leaving my little student house in Southampton forever! Spent the last two years there and, while there has been some ups and downs, for the most part I have absolutely loved it.
Myself and my housemate/best friend Charlotte were the two housemates most interested in making our student digs pretty and cosy and we really enjoyed making bunting for the living room and stringing fairylights everywhere.
My favourite room, however, has to be my bedroom of course! I am going to miss this room when I leave!

I handmade all of the bunting on the walls and I love it, I urge anyone wanting to string bunting in their rooms to make it yourself, it is so so easy and you can find really beautiful and unique fabrics. Most of mine are just scraps of fabric samples from a little gift shop which cost about £5, then all you need is a few metres of ribbon. Draw a triangle onto some cardboard and use this to trace around for your fabric triangles, cut them out then place them back to back, sew the triangles together then turn them inside out before using the ribbon to string them together! It's so simple and it's really great looking up at your pretty bunting and knowing you did it yourself rather than just splashing out £25 for some boring generic stuff everyone else has!

Every girls bedroom needs a little photo wall, in my opinion. I love looking at all of my memories and whenever anyone comes over they just gaze at my wall for ages, mesmerised! Next to my photo collage I have a frame with my favourite Polaroids in, this always cheers me up as there are so many great memories hidden in those photos.

Speaking of Polaroids, I completely covered my whole wardrobe in ones I have taken over the years. I have a retro Polaroid camera and it's my favourite thing in the world. Films are pricey now but most of the ones that feature on my wardrobe were taken when films were about £9.00 and you could buy them in Boots for 3 for 2! Wish I had stocked up now! I guess I got a bit carried away with all these photos everywhere, but I like having something to look at.

I have a Rob Ryan print framed, which was a birthday present from my housemates, and this is probably one of my favourite things in my room. It's a quote I have loved forever and was such a lovely, thoughtful present. In keeping with this, I have a framed picture that my friend Sarah drew for my 21st. I joined the sailing team in my first year at Uni so she drew me a lovely image with sail boats and personalised it with my name. It's so special, I love homemade thoughtful gifts.

Fairylights are a must. I HATE overhead lighting with a passion (my friends all find this an irrational hatred) so I have lamps all over the place and have strung up fairylights to make it cute and cosy.

Everything I bought for the room was pretty cheap, it doesn't cost much to add a few personal touches and homemade stuff is ALWAYS the best!


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