Thursday, 3 January 2013

2012 Fashion Moments

I am addicted to shopping and always commit the crime of buying something, wearing it once and then forgetting it ever existed before selling it on Ebay and then regretting it as soon as I've been to the post office. There have, however, been a few key items I have purchased this year that I absolutely love and have worn to death. January always means clearing out the wardrobe, I think this a difficult task as I always hold up something I haven't worn for at least two years and think "well...This MIGHT come back into fashion so I had better keep it." Unfortunately this never actually happens and I shove it to the back never to be seen again. Thought I would share some of my favourite outfits from the past year before clearing out and replacing with shiny new clothes.


Love this Autumn outfit! I have lived in my Barbour jacket since I bought it and luckily it goes with absolutely everything! This winter I have developed an addiction to men's jumpers, they are not only much cheaper than women's but they seem to have nicer patterns and fabrics and I love the way they fit - oversized is so cosy! I live in my Levi shorts too as they look really cute with tights and jumpers in the winter - only problem is that they fray like mad so every time they go in the wash they come out a size smaller! So sorry to any members of the public I may have exposed my bottom too, I just can't let these shorts go yet.
Barbour - Barbour Jumper - H&M Men's Levi Shorts - Rokit Shoes - Vans Hat - Urban Outfitters Belt - Topshop Shirt - H&M

I really love jumpers with exposed collars so have been working that look a lot this year. I found this white shirt in a vintage shop in Winchester and it has a really pretty lace collar which looks great with this simple jumper (another men's jumper!) I paired this together with my Levi's, as I previously mentioned I'm a bit in love with them, and this oversized jacket from H&M. It's quite a mix of colours but it works. I have loads of pairs of vans and always chuck them on with a casual outfit like this, they are the most comfortable shoes you will ever wear.
Jumper - Topman Levi Shorts - Rokit Shirt - Vintage Jacket - H&M Shoes - Vans

I love Brick Lane, they have the best vintage shops and markets ever and I always find some amazing hidden gems there, however nothing in this outfit is vintage so I felt a bit of a fraud. I really loved the galaxy trend but got tired of seeing starry night t-shirts and jumpers everywhere. When I saw this jumper I fell in love with it as it's galaxy but with a twist - with a giant iceburg thrown in for good measure. I usually just wear it with tights and brogues but decided to pair it with jeans and a white shirt underneath.
Barbour - Barbour Jumper - ASOS Shirt - H&M Jeans - Topshop Bag - Urban Outfitters

I was so so cold in this outfit, but it looked nice so I decided to work through the pain. I got this skirt about two years ago and it was one of those items that got thrown to the back of my wardrobe and ignored for a long while. When I rediscovered it I kinda fell in love with it all over again, I really like tapestry prints and it looks great with camel and brown.
Jacket - H&M Skirt - Urban Outfitters Brogues - Office Shirt - Vintage

My friends and I went to the New Forest and knew we would probably take about a million pictures so I wanted to wear a splash of colour! I have lived in this blazer and I actually wear this outfit for nights out if we're going a bit casual. I love white blouses as you can probably tell but I loved the tie bottom on this one paired with the coral jacket.
Blazer - Miss Selfridge Shorts - Rokit Shoes - Vans Shirt - Urban Outfitters

Lots of my friends thought that buying dungarees was an absolute rookie error but I fell in love with this dungaree dress and had to have it! Since buying it I have actually only worn it once or twice but I will definitely drag it out again next summer! I paired it with a little striped vest and cream vans on this beach trip but it looks cool with a jumper or long sleeved top underneath too.
Dungarees - H&M Top - Topshop

I wore this outfit for my 22nd birthday and it was absolutely boiling so I couldn't do much with it in terms of layering, but I love its simplicity. Nothing beats a cream dress when you have a slight tan! I paired it with these wedges as they are the only heels I can actually walk in properly and I love monochrome.
Dress - Topshop Shoes - Random Southampton Shoe Shop

This winter I have been sliiiightly obsessed with this hat and faux fur stole, can't really seem to leave the house without them! I like the top photo so thought I would include it! This was taken on Christmas Day and I was wearing a maroon jumper, black skater skirt, chelsea boots and layered silver necklaces underneath my Barbour. I wore this same outfit a week or so later in Camden (minus the hat as it was windy and if it blew off my head I would probably cry for ten years.)
Barbour - Barbour Faux Fur Stole - Topshop Hat - Urban Outfitters Skirt - Topshop


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