Thursday, 10 January 2013


I am still in New Year New Start mode and have been reflecting on the past year a lot recently.
Thought I would do a personal A-Z of the year, featuring favourite moments, memories, even songs and celebrities which have inspired me in some way. I always think looking back really makes you see the things you want to change and it makes me realise how I can make 2013 even better!

Alt-J have been my band of the year. My friend went to a festival in 2011 where they played and he knew I would love them, I liked their sound but didn't really get into them properly until last year.
Their album is just amazing, I could listen to it all day, every day and never get bored.
I read an interview with the band and it was so interesting reading about the stories behind each of the songs especially since a few of them were based around places in Southampton, where I go to University.
My favourite songs on the album are Fitzpleasure and Breezeblocks as each bring back such good memories for me. The boys in the band are so down to Earth and talented, can't recommend this album enough!
It was my 22nd birthday this year, which was SO depressing as I really feel like I'm getting old now.
Had such a lovely day with my friends in Poole and was spoiled rotten by everyone.
This year I'm going to be 23 which is really scary. That's like proper, real, adult age but I still feel like I'm 17.

Casting Call
In July I was scouted by a London model agency and by August I had had my first casting and been booked by the agent! Pretty exciting and surreal but it's something I have wanted to do for a long time, so it was nice to finally get round to doing it!
As I'm in my third year at Uni, modelling is taking a back seat, but as soon as that dissertation is handed in I'm going to up my game and shove my portfolio everywhere I can!
Took me a while of on/off lessons but I FINALLY passed my driving test this year and it was one of the happiest moments of my life! Managed to do it with only one minor as well, so I couldn't have been more pleased.
Having that pink license in my purse is the best feeling in the world.

In the past few years English Literature has kind of become my life. Doing my degree in a subject I absolutely love has been so rewarding, learnt such interesting and exciting things about my favourite authors, read books I never usually would have and found myself loving them, and been able to share thoughts and ideas with my super intelligent lecturers.
I love this subject and am so glad I chose to do it at Uni, reading books all day is a pretty great way to spend my time really.

2012 has been the year that I have really, truly learnt to appreciate my friends and it has definitely been the year that I've learnt who my true friends are. I decided I was just over having people in my life I no longer had anything in common with or who I felt were fake and disloyal in any way, this has been so refreshing as I can focus on my true friendships!
My best friends really are great and I don't know what I would do without them, it's nice to find people who are just as weird and quirky! Nothing better than having people in your life who make you laugh non stop.

Go Getter
Ok, so this one is an obvious choice but 2013 is definitely marking the year that I'm going to be a complete go getter. I want to try new things, be spontaneous and actually follow through with all of the goals I give myself!

Lots of exciting housey things going on in 2012! Properly settled into my student house in Southampton, making it look pretty and girlie and homey. I will be really sad to say goodbye to that house as I have lots of happy memories there.
I also moved out of my childhood home in Kent and the family relocated to London, which was so exciting!
Saying goodbye to Kent was really sad as I was raised there and the house is filled with memories of sleepovers and parties and happy family times. However, moving to the most amazing city in the world has definitely nursed the pain of leaving my old house. I love London and our new place is great. Sometimes it's just time to move on!

I hate interviews, I find it so awkward when they ask “so what do you have that none of the other candidates have?” I find it awful having to brag about yourself! However, while at Uni I had an interview for the Guildhall, which is the venue for gigs and whatnot, and it was the easiest interview I'd ever had, was just like having a friendly chat! Luckily, I got the job and have been able to see some amazing artists and comedians. When we aren't serving drinks we get to watch the performances, which is such a dream for me as I LOVE live music!
As much as I hate interviews, I find them quite easy and yet I am still dreading the ones I will have to do for 'real' jobs when I graduate. The best tips I can give are: Keep eye contact – it makes you appear more approachable and trust worthy if you keep up eye contact with the employer. BE CONFIDENT – I know it seems obvious, but being confident is absolute key. Big yourself up without sounding arrogant, employers love people who have confidence in themselves, if you don't brag about your skills how are they meant to think you're talented if you don't even think it yourself?! Make sure they know you're a team player – I always make sure I say that I would well independently and as part of a team. They need to know that you work well with other people but can do stuff on your own with confidence.
It's always good to give the employers an example of when you've done something great in a previous job, it's all very well saying you're good at something but to actually tell them how you're good at it and why, really does impress them.

My brother, James, went traveling for 16 months and FINALLY returned at the end of December. He's one of my best pals too so having him away for so long wasn't very fun, especially seeing his hundreds and thousands of photos on Facebook on amazing beaches while I was stuck in rainy England.
 He went to New Zealand, Fiji, Australia and all over Asia and it has definitely given me the traveling bug, so I WILL be going when I graduate!

Keeping Calm
I used to always say “I'm sooo stressed out” about the most ridiculous things, but I never knew stress until it hit me for real when I got to my third year.
 Having loads of deadlines plus group work to do in the space of a few weeks was an absolute nightmare and I experienced so many sleepless nights and just felt constantly sick.
 Usually I don't let work get on top of me like that, but there is a lot of pressure this year. My New Year Resolution is to keep calm in 2013, try and set realistic deadlines and stop leaving things to the last minute!

Laura & Megan
These two galssss deserve their very own category as, after going through school together and staying best friends while we've all been at different uni's they have both recently moved to London too, so we are all together again and it's GREAT.
I met Megan in History class in year 10 and as soon as I saw her I was like “I'm going to be friends with that girl” it was obviously her messy bun and cool drawstring Nike bag that lured me in. We used to sing to year 7's and made up songs about Malcolm X and Martin Luther King and I knew I had found a friend for life when we composed “Fritz Up Look Sharp” together.
Laura joined Homewood School in year 9 and I showed her around and just dragged her into my group whether she liked it or not. We used to both have insomnia and would come to school absolutely delirious and text each other at 4am still completely wide awake.
These two are the best pals a girl could ask for.
Part 2 in the next post because this is ridiculously long!


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