Friday, 11 January 2013

A-Z 2

Part Two of my ridiculously long A-Z!


Cara Delevingne has been named Model of The Year, and she has definitely been my model of the year. I have the biggest girl crush on her, and it was actually Cara that really inspired me to go for it with my own modelling.
Her big eyebrows are amazing, and I love that she is always pulling the most ridiculous facial expressions and still manages to look like the hottest girl on the planet. Quirky beauty is definitely the best kind of beauty in my opinion!

New Years Resolutions

My friend and I have just been discussing the New Year's Resolutions we set ourselves in January 2012 and I can remember writing mine as if it were yesterday. There were lots of your average ones which I actually stuck to, then there were the ridiculous ones such as "learn to skateboard" (I'm sure everyone has at least one stupid resolution, right?!) Unfortunately the ONE time I tried to skate it was a disaster so I crossed that resolution off the list.
One of my more realistic ones was to completely get over my ex boyfriend, thought this would be stupidly easy as we broke up September 2011. This actually proved to be the hardest thing ever, and I still haven't achieved this one as we decided to stay friends (disaster waiting to happen) and while I'm so happy to have him as a friend still, it definitely hasn't helped any moving on process! I guess it's that thing where you would rather have them in your life as a friend than not at all? Choosing to scrap that resolution due to unforeseen complications.
My other resolution was to start a blog. Okay, so it took me a year but I FINALLY did it. Not sure it counts if you start it the year after, but I'm going to say it does.


Just had my blog made over by my brother and I love it! I have always tried to start blogs in the past but given up after a week or two. This time, however, I'm going to take this blogging malarkey seriously and make sure I post all the time, especially now it's looking so pretty!
Once I get back to Uni I'll start doing outfit posts and make sure I post as much as I can!


This year we went exploring. After living in Southampton for over a year we realised that we hadn't really explored all the amazing places outside of the city so my housemate Charlotte bought her car back to uni and we went on loads of adventures!
My favourite places were the New Forest and Poole. The beaches actually looked like some beautiful foreign country, when we had a boiling hot period before the summer holidays we went to the beach and it was blissful! The houses are amazing, and there are loads of lovely bars too so I would definitely recommend paying Poole a visit if you are in the area.


“1. Caught up in the romance of noble deeds and the pursuit of unreachable goals; idealistic without regard to practicality.
2. Capricious; impulsive”
Quixotic has been my word of the year, that's really sad to have a word of the year isn't it?! My friends and I tried for about a week to have “words of the day” and one of my favourite's was Charlotte's suggestion of Oscillate, I had never heard of it before, and being an English geek I LOVE learning new words!
Quixotic, however, really kind of sums up my personality, I get really caught up in daydreams and have so many ambitions and goals and so much I want to do with my life that it isn't really realistic I'm going to be able to do it all.
However, dreaming big and having goals definitely isn't a bad thing! I'd rather dream unrealistically than not dream at all.

Red Lips

This year I really formed a bond with my red lipstick. I've always loved red lips but felt as though it was sometimes a bit too much with my pale complexion. This idea, however, went out the window in 2012 and I have become obsessed with dark lips. I use Lancome Rouge Rayonnant which is a blood red with blue hues rather than orange. I personally think this type of red suits pale blondes more than the corally orange ones!
I also use Mac lipstick in Diva which is a purple red, loads of people comment on this lipstick when I wear it and it's my absolute favourite (I have written about it in a previous post, suits EVERY skin tone and hair colour so buy it immediately.) If I'm wearing this I just wear really minimal eye makeup and it's a really striking look.
Red lips were my staple for 2012 and I think I'll be carrying this look over into 2013!


Southampton should probably get it's own paragraph, it's been a big part of the last three years of my life.
Although the city is a bit grey and ugly, I've made some amazing friends there, I have some brilliant memories I won't ever forget and I can definitely thank it for some of the best nights out of my life.
Most important is my housemate Charlotte who is the funniest girl ever and has become one of my best friends, we literally spend full days just watching awful American TV series and eating our own weight in chocolate and pringles, or we go exploring which is always fun! Living with her has been the bessssssst (you can follow her blog here:
In May I'll be leaving the city for good and I will really miss it, Hampshire as a whole is a great county and it's been nice exploring the surrounding areas! I'll miss my house and Uni life but hopefully things can only get better and it's onwards and upwards from here!

The Maccabees

The Maccabees are my FAVOURITE band of all time and this year I was lucky enough to not only see them live, but to actually meet them too! I saw them in Southampton and the gig was amazing, made me love them even more if that was possible!
They then did a DJ set at a bar. I was able to get to the front row and was in touching distance of my beautiful Orlando which was good enough for me UNTIL he invited a few people on to the stage for a meet and greet and photos. Could not believe my luck that two minutes later I was behind the decks with him and the rest of the band having hugs and taking photos. They were all so lovely and it really was the best night ever.


I'm in my last year at University and it's really dawned on me that it's actually coming to an end now. After 16 years in education, or there abouts, it will soon ALL be over and I cannot wait as I'm itching to get into the real world and get myself a proper job.
I know this may sound crazy to all you students out there, it would definitely sound crazy if I'd said it to myself last year as I was loving student life, but lots of my best friends graduated last year and the year before, they all have their own places and amazing jobs and seeing them really makes me want to be living that life too.
Don't get me wrong, being a student is great – no real responsibilities, afternoon naps, nights out for under a tenner, hanging out with my friends all day, every day. Yes all that stuff is AMAZING, but I want money and I kind of want responsibility and a career.
Sure you'll get a post from me when I graduate saying 'WHAT WAS I THINKING? I'm doing another degree as the real world sucks.'


Moving to London means that I have access to some of the best vintage shops in the country. Brick Lane and Camden are so good for vintage treasures. My favourite vintage shop is Blitz in Brick Lane, I could spend hours in there as they have SO much stuff! I have never seen such a huge collection of reworked Levi's in every colour possible. The knitwear is also great, and accessories are amazing – it's also all really reasonably priced so I do favour it over Rokit and Beyond Retro which are chain vintage stores now and their prices are a complete rip off!
They have an underground vintage fair too which always has great finds, love having a rummage through all the stuff!
I love vintage clothing but I don't cover myself head to toe in it, I really like mixing vintage pieces with high street stuff, even if it is just an old cashmere scarf or a retro blouse. I love ASOS Marketplace especially the boutique Annie And The Mannequins – they find the most amazing pieces.


Winchester is about 15 minutes away from Southampton on the train so it's a place myself and my friends visit quite regularly. It's the prettiest little place with lots of nice restaurants and we usually just like to wander around past the Cathedral and by an old ruined castle which is a great location for taking photographs!
Southampton is pretty grey and boring so it's nice to go somewhere with so much history and it's so pretty, really reminds me of Canterbury in Kent, which is somewhere I used to leave near and went to regularly with my friends so I guess going to Winchester reminds me of home – which is always nice when you're away at uni and feeling homesick.

XOXO, Gossip Girl

2012 marked the end of my favourite show Gossip Girl. The last few series have been kind of awful, there is no denying it, but I had to follow it through and made it to the last ever episode, and I found it pretty sad!
So happy that all of my favourite couples finally got together, Gossip Girl was revealed and Jenny and her terrible extensions and black eyes returned.
I felt the decision to make ******* Gossip Girl (don't want to spoil it in case you haven't watched yet!) Was a pretty rushed decision that the writers decided five minutes before production, as looking back there are so so many moments that just don't add up but hey ho it's fictional, everyone is hot and the clothes are amazing so you can't question it too much!
Anyway, RIP Gossip Girl, thanks for introducing Chace Crawford into my life.

You Only Live Once

I used to say this phrase long before YOLO was splashed all over the place, and I absolutely HATE YOLO. I do, however, believe in the meaning behind this horrendous phrase. Every time I have spent a ridiculous amount of money, got a random new piercing, gone out when I have a ridiculous amount of work to do or done something I know I shouldn't I have always used the excuse that you only live once so you may as well just do it!
I love a bit of spontaneity and people who question everything and always look for reasons not to do stuff kinda depress me. My housemate Charlotte and I created a new take on the phrase we hate so much, YOLOUYGHBANB (you only live once until you get hit by a nuclear bomb.)

Okay, I couldn't think of a Z.


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