Sunday, 24 March 2013

Snowy Sundays


This is my last weekend in Southampton before I go home to London for Easter, so my housemate Charlotte and I decided we must spend our last Sunday together for a while updating the old blogs!

It's absolutely freezing here at the moment, so rather than braving the great outdoors we decided to use my bedroom as a backdrop instead - any chance to give my bunting some limelight, I ruddy love that stuff.

You can see Charlotte's blog here.

I am using Mac lipstick in Diva, best lipstick EVER.

My overflowing books - safe to say that only about 10% of these are Uni related.

I had been looking for a vintage Chiltern bag for absolutely ages, and I found this treasure on Ebay and managed to get it for £1.50 - actually could not believe my luck!

Top - H&M
Skirt and Belt - Topshop
Hat - Urban Outfitters

So - that's my room! I made all of the bunting myself, bedding is all from Next/Ikea, my fairylights are from John Lewis and Laura Ashley aaaand the frames are from all over. I am so sad that Polaroid film is so stupidly expensive now, if it was as cheap as it used to be I think my walls would be even more covered!


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