Monday, 18 March 2013

Nights Out and Cream Teas


While my dissertation is slightly taking over my life (and soul) I still like to make sure I have the occasional (weekly) night out to forget about my work woes and drown my studying sorrows - I have also vowed to completely make the most of my time at Uni, so that definitely includes going out and partying with all the other slowly dying third years.

This week my friend Carla and I went to our favourite place Oceanaaaaaaa (while it's very tacky and all, we always have the time of our lives there) with a group of our long suffering third year pals. It was, as always, a brilliant night and despite Carla having a deadline the next day we managed to get suitably merry (this is why Carla is always my partner in crime - no matter how much work we have on, we always have time for fun.)

I decided to wear my bowler hat out, which is pretty daring in a club as drunk people like to try on hats apparently, luckily I managed to come home with it and I would have to say that wearing it was the best decision of the night as loads of people came and chatted to me claiming I looked really 'approachable' in my hat (is this true or was this just a really awful chat up line? I will never know.)

Blouse - Zara
Hat - Urban Outfitters
Shorts - Levi's (Vintage)

ANYWAY, after a great night out we were feeling a little worse for wear the next day so we decided to go for a cream tea at one of my favourite places in Southampton, Halliday's Tea Room, and as always it was amazing. If you are ever in Southampton definitely pop into this little hidden treasure, they do amazing food and it's so cute and quirky in there.

All I can think about since I started writing this dissertation is cake, so by the time I hand it in I will not only have gained lots of useless knowledge about crazy nineteenth-century women but I will also have gained about ten stone.
Anyway, on the subject of cake and work, I must get back to both.

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