Monday, 1 April 2013

Spring Has Sprung


I'm back home in London for the Easter holidays and it has been really fun so far despite the freezing cold weather! It's nice to have a break from Uni and all the work I am currently pretending does not exist.

Before I moved to London I lived in Kent and still have family and friends there, so on Easter Sunday we went back for a visit and it was lovely, oh how I've missed fields and trees! Went for a nice country stroll and ate loads of delicious food - perfect Easter.




I spent the day with my best friend Megan last week and we went to Somerset House and wandered around London, whenever we get together we like to eat our own weight in food (we are fatties on the inside) so we had lunch out, both claimed to be absolutely stuffed then two minutes later found ourselves in Snog ordering frozen yoghurt (I had chocolate with hot peanut butter sauce and milk chocolate hearts... Mmmmm.)

These holidays have kinda just been a weeks worth of me eating non stop. I bought my mum some birthday cupcakes from Candy Cakes (best cupcakes EVER), got a huge Easter egg from my dad, which I've nearly polished off, and was also treated to my favourite things in the world - Macaroons - which were the best ones i've ever had, if you are ever in London make sure you go to the On CafĂ© Southbank market stall or their Baker Street patisserie, you won't reget it.

I hope you have all had a lovely Easter and are eating as much as I am! If you can't stuff your face with your own weight in chocolate at Easter, when can you?!


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