Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The Unlikely Style Icons


I love finding a good, unexpected style icon. Not one to follow the celebrity trends magazines try and force down your throat, I try to look for unusual fashion gems. Of course, I love some classic trend setters like Fearne Cotton, Olivia Palermo and Leighton Meester, but it's always fun to try something new.

SO – I have compiled a list of some of my unlikely style icons, and some that EVERYONE should avoid at all costs.


Sabrina The Teenage Witch
This show was probably my favourite thing ever when I was younger, and of course I was too interested in the magic and Harvey to notice what Sab was wearing, but looking back she was pretty stylish. A big fan of sheer, patterned blouses and the classic choker necklace, Sabrina was quite the trend setter. I absolutely love the old ribbed roll neck with high waisted Levi's and a stuffed talking cat look, also a big fan of Ryan Reynold's curly hair.

Errrrrrrm HOW did I never notice how cool the cast of Matilda were? Miss Honey is the trendiest teacher I ever did see. I love her floral dresses and cardigan combos, and Matilda herself boasts a pretty cool wardrobe, she rocks the collared blouse/dress with the knitted cardigan or jumper on a regular basis, and jazzes it up with a cute hair ribbon. I can't stop looking at the second photo on the left, dungarees, a cute tee, hair ribbons, bright jersey jumpers, CHOCOLATE. What a dream. And as for Lavender, she looks great with her granny chic floral dress and geeky glasses and she is really on-trend with her plaited hair.

Saved By The Bell
Recently I have found myself drawn to some really ugly clothes – oversized shirts with garish patterns in strange fabrics, anything velvet, crochet tops with beading – so I pretty much adore everything worn by the cast of Saved By The Bell.
Kelly was always my favourite, but looking back I notice that Jessie had a really cool wardrobe, I love all her blouses with statement jewelery and knitwear and her crazy, frizzy hair with a big old bow but Kelly is still my fave, her floral trousers, cropped tee and sneakers looks so cool! And she always had the best patterned jackets. I'm also really appreciating Screech's shirt, what a trendy guy.


Mirror Mirror and Once Upon A Time
Okay, so I probably wouldn't wear these outfits out and about, but I adore the clothes featured in Mirror Mirror and OUAT. Lily Collins is the most beautiful gal I ever did see, which makes the clothes look even better, but I just love the bright yellow cape and the embroidery on her pastel dress, such a dream.
OUAT has a little bit more of a rustic, medieval vibe but I love the twist the costume designers put on all the clothes with a nice bit of layering, velvet, lace and fur. I much prefer Snow White's look in the past than modern day.

St Elmo's Fire
This is one of my favourite films, I know everyone raves about The Breakfast Club (which I also love) but I am more of a fan of this and About Last Night, I do love the Brat Pack.
Demi Moore and Ally Sheedy look so good in this film, actually the whole cast dress amazingly and Rob Lowe is such a babe.
Lemon Breeland
I know that Zoe is meant to be the fashionable one in town but recently I have been loving Lemon's clothes in Hart of Dixie. First season she was a bit sickly sweet for me, but she has upped her game in the second season and has added a bit of edginess to her wardrobe. I love her patterned shirts and skirts combinations and her amazing dresses.


Clarissa Explains It All
On my Sabrina hype I uncovered some old Clarissa photos and remembered how amazingly cool she was. I love her garish patterned shirts with Levi's, her crazily high ponytails, the clashing patterns, her Dr Martins, ah she is such a dream. I remember thinking she was the coolest teenager ever, her bedroom was amazing and she had that ladder so her friend could sneak up and they would wear their dip dyed t-shirts together.
Her shirt in the top right picture is just great. I wonder if Melissa Joan Hart clung on to any of these clothes?!

A youthful Katie Holmes
Can't say I'm the biggest fan of Katie these days, but I saw these pictures of her and was amazed. She looks SO good, the messy hair, the dungarees, I'm in love.

Lucy Beale
Yeah, never thought I would find a style icon in Eastenders either, and okay I wouldn't exactly consider her style ground breaking but I'm quite liking a few of Lucy's outfit choices recently. She has a nice collection of patterned blouses, a lot of nice jackets and she loves to rock a nice side plait.
The wardrobe department at Eastenders have even given Lauren a new look, I love this Topshop coat she's been sporting this winter.
And these are the characters I will try to avoid dressing like at ALL costs...

Emma from Once Upon A Time
“Hey Emma, I love what you're wearing!” Said no one, ever. While Emma's million year old relatives are pretty fashionable in both modern day, and in the medieval fairytale times, Emma dresses like a grungy man who hates her body. I'm betting she probably has a hot bod hidden under those shapeless tees and revolting jackets but I fear we may never get to see it.
Emma favours tacky leather jackets in an array of awful colours, bootleg jeans, see-through vests and beautifully ugly knee-high boots.
So far during the series, every man Emma has been involved with has run off or died, and I personally think that if she had a makeover they might be willing to fight for their lives a bit harder.

Shirley and Whitney from Eastenders
So Lauren and Lucy may have upped their game, but two characters you should NEVER take fashion tips from are Shirley and Whitney.
Shirley not only has the worst haircut in history, but she insists on wearing mini skirts and revealing her bandy legs all the time and she loves to stuff on a beautiful puffa jacket, this one with a shaggy fur trim is a particular stunner.
As you can see, even when she tries to dress up for the occasion (this being her best friends funeral) she gets it horribly wrong and ends up looking like a witch at a Halloween solstice.
And then there is Whitney, with her leggings-as-trousers, huge hoops and tight diamond encrusted tee's she really is rocking the classic chavvy look. I'm all for a bit of chav-chic but poor old Whit is definitely missing the chic.

The cast of Nashville
Nashville is my guilty pleasure and I love it, but what I do not love is the clothing. Teeny tiny dresses covered in sequins seem to be Nashville's answer to glamour, even on the slightly more mature Rayna.
Juliette is always about 1cm away from flashing her privates to her audience, on top of the fact her boobs are more often than not already hanging out.
Scarlett is the more demure of the three yet her awful, dowdy outfits still make me want to rip my eyes out. Luckily, she has really nice hair.


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