Friday, 17 May 2013

"I Was The Last Thing On Your Mind, I Know You Better Than You Think."

Today Charlotte and I went to Winchester for a stroll in the sun, we love that place, it's always a nice escape from Southampton which is grey and cold and in every park there is a tramp that slurs beautiful compliments or asks for bus fare and then swears at you when you don't give them any, ah I will miss this place.
Anyway we went for an ice cream and it sure was nice. We also sat in the park and listened to some 14 year old emo kids conversation and relived our youth. Danni - if you are out there we know you cheated on your boyfriend mate.

This week was also a VERY special occasion as Charlotte went on her first Uni night out in a year. A YEAR. Being someone who likes a good night out on the raz on a weekly basis I find this hard to comprehend but Charlotte is a granny and she wants to be with her sewing machine so she will not be forced into a club. However, she loves a bit of Oceana and the night was a success so I shall meet you back there in a year Char.

I have an exam on Monday which I still haven't revised for as I am quite frankly bored to tears with the whole thing, it will be a HUGE day though as it is my last ever hurrah as a Uni student so I might cry as I write about The Stepford Wives and Fight Club.

Anyway, new pictures from Winchester and a few snaps of our night out thrown in for good measure!



Shirt - Primark (I customised this though as the buttons were awful)
Blazer - Dorothy Perkins
Jeans - Topshop
Brogues - Office
Bag - Vintage

Leather Skirt and Top - H&M
Bag - Vintage

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